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What is a PFO?

A patent foramen ovale (PFO) is often referred to as a hole in the heart. It should close soon after birth but fails to do so in 25% of people. This can result in a multitude of disorders that can be prevented or cured by closing this hole through a key-hole day procedure under local anaesthesia.


Please click on the symptom buttons above or the services page for more information about what a PFO is and how it may be affecting your health. If you think we can help you then book an appointment and screening test or contact us to find out more information.

Welcome to PFO Clinics

Specialist Medical Assessment

We are dedicated, highly skilled and qualified medical specialist team with many years of experience assessing and treating all forms of cardiac and vascular disease. PFO Clinics have developed a highly sensitive and predictive testing system to screen people for a hole in their heart and more importantly identify who would benefit from having the hole closed. We have successfully treated many hundreds of patients preventing stroke and have completely cured migraine with aura for over 150 severely debilitated patients.


We have been treating and refining our assessment and treatment protocols since 2009 and recently presented our 84% complete cure rate for migraine with aura at Euro PCR 2014 – Europe’s largest and most prestigious Interventional Cardiology Conference with great interest from around the world.


... We can help
  • Cardiovascular and Neurological assessment and treatments available
  • Consultations and treatment provided by members of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians
  • Treatment will only be offered to those people who meet established medical criteria



PFO Clinics has been at the forefront of research in PFO related disorders since 2009, having presented at major international conferences. We are entering an exciting phase of medical research which joins academic and clinical research through genomic technologies.


Our network of International researchers are currently investigating disease relationships between PFO, stroke, migraine, Alzheimers disease and other inflammatory disorders. We support the initiatives of the PFO Research Foundation – Australia.


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